5265 Camden Highway Rembert SC, 29128



The mission of Thomas Sumter Academy is to develop, in a safe and Christian environment, well-rounded individuals who are fully prepared for college and life.


At Thomas Sumter Academy we envision all students will learn to become prepared, well-rounded, and articulate students who honor the past, live the present, and drive the future. We develop well-educated, socially conscious students who are prepared to face the challenges of a changing world with skills, academics, athletics, confidence, self-control, and moral strength in a Christian environment.


“Add to your faith, virtue; and to virtue, knowledge.” 1 Peter 2:5

Thomas Sumter Academy is an educational institution serving students in an environment of Christian love and discipline within which students learn to link bodies of knowledge and develop an enthusiasm for living. Recognizing that academic success cannot stand alone, Thomas Sumter Academy places importance on participation in interscholastic athletics, fine arts, and extracurricular activities, in conjunction with the development of their faith, personal skills and attitudes in leadership, dependability, initiative, and fairness. A primary goal of TSA is to assist each student in maximum growth toward independence in thought and action.

Expectations are high, and the calling to be one’s best is very real.


Thomas Sumter Academy’s motto, “Acta Non Verba,” is the foundation for each and every student, faculty and staff member — Action Not Words is paramount. Maintaining high academic standards through research based effective and collaborative learning is also very important as we build our core values. Core values are critical components of the school/organization’s character and brand. The school’s character defines its’ culture, and its’ culture defines its destiny. TSA affirms the following core values:

Honor: To be honorable in everything — words and deeds.

Commitment: To fully engage in every aspect of life at TSA in order to maximize each potential in body, mind, and spirit.

Fidelity: To be faithful in everything – Faithful to God, country, parents, faculty and Thomas Sumter Academy.


The main campus is located in Dalzell, SC. The main campus is a collective of historical facilities creating a campus environment of engaged learning. This campus is located in a rural triangle created by Sumter, SC, Camden, SC, and Shaw Air Force Base.


Our current enrollment is 495 students. The Class of 2022 had 30 graduates and over $4.4 million in scholarships, representing a variety of ethnic and economic backgrounds.