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Preschool is the first introduction to a lifetime of learning.  Our preschool program provides learning experiences and structured play in a fun, safe and nurturing Christian environment.  Our focus is making sure each child is happy, thriving and ready for the next steps in their education journey.  We provide a loving and caring atmosphere in which students can gain self-confidence, develop friendships and learn about the world around them.

Our enthusiastic teachers genuinely care about the children, and understand each child’s individual developmental needs and learning styles.  They take the time to help each child discover, in their own way, a fascinating world of play and learning.  Whether building a tower in the blocks center, playing make-believe with friends  or conducting a science experiment, your child will have so much fun that they will not realize they are developing important skills.

We consider parents to be our partners, and place a premium on two-way communication.  We make sure you know what skills your child is working on, how they’re progressing, and what they are loving most.

Our PK3 Program is a half day program that ends at 11:00 AM each day.  Students embark on their first steps to success in this program.  Children will learn the beginning stages of many skills, including communication, gross, fine motor, language and social skills.  Our teachers provide a learning environment that is tailored to enhance each child’s growth and development.  Our PK3 classes have the opportunity to attend related arts classes each week.

Our PK4 Program is a full day program at Thomas Sumter Academy.  Our four year old students have the opportunity to attend five different related arts classes each week.  During class time, our students are engaged in creative play, individual instructional time with the teacher, and large group instructional time.    Our curriculum fosters self-expression, exploration and positive learning experiences to help each child grow socially, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually.  Our teachers work very hard to prepare our four year old students for Kindergarten.

Our K5 Program is a full day program.  Our Kindergarten students are provided with the opportunity to go to five different related arts classes each week.  Every Kindergarten student is required to have an iPad.  Our K5 students participate in a variety of activities throughout the day, including learning opportunities as one group, in smaller groups and as individuals.  K5 students participate in a rigorous, but developmentally appropriate curriculum consisting of math, reading, science, social studies, phonics, spelling,  handwriting, and writing.  Learning occurs through creative play, movement, art activities, online activities, experiments, and music.   This program fosters our students’ love of learning, their general knowledge, their social abilities, and their curiosity about the world.