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Military FAQ

Military Families FAQ and Testimonials

We accept all credits earned and displayed on students transcripts.  We then work with families to provide the necessary courses per state requirements.

 Beginning in the 8th grade, TSA offers both college prep and honors track programs.  TSA offers Dual Enrollment courses for students in the 11th and 12th  grades.  We are currently working to expand our AP offerings.

All active and retired military families receive an automatic $500 credit with proper ID.  TSA also offers other financial aid opportunities that can be applied for through the business office.

TSA’s administration will meet with the family and waive fees when a family receives PCS orders.

TSA employs a security guard and also maintains security cameras throughout campus.  Our teachers are CPR and AED trained.  TSA has 3 AED’s strategically placed throughout campus.

TSA hosts a Veteran’s Day program yearly that is open to the community.  We also celebrate “The Month of the Military Child” each April.  TSA routinely takes on additional outreach projects to service the  community as a whole.

Our guidance office is happy to assist with any questions

TSA offers multiple bus routes for all ages.  After school care is offered for students in grades K3-5th grade.  These services are provided with additional fees.

Sumter county has many great educational options.  TSA provides a  safe and welcoming Christian environment for your children to learn as students and grow as people.  It is vital for families to find the best option for their family.  We hope to be it.

” We liked the assistance of the admissions office through the process.”

“Efforts made by the student council to hold social events for new students was extremely beneficial for our kids to know classmates on the first day of school.”

“We appreciate the flexible staff and teachers.”

“TSA offers a variety of extra curricular activities.  We did not realize the number of opportunities our kids could be involved with and the acceptance from the school, teachers, and students alike.   TSA welcomes unknown students unto long standing close friendships of many of the students.”