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We are so excited to be part of the TSA family. Sean has felt at home in this school since day-one and has never been intimidated by the process. It has the small school atmosphere with the academic and athletic perks of a much larger school. The school atmosphere is welcoming, open, and friendly. Sean said it feels like “home” and that he has been at TSA always.The teachers go above and beyond to help each student do their best but expect each one of them to pull their own weight. We like EdLine and the ability to email the teachers and to follow up on our child’s progress. The football and basketball coaching staffs are remarkable and really inspire confidence and self-worth in the kids. They also have high expectations and push the students to their maximum potential, holding them accountable for their actions both on the field/court and in the classroom. As a military family, it has been very hard for our children to constantly move from school to school, but that was not an issue when we came to TSA. Sean was accepted immediately by faculty and kids alike. We highly recommend Thomas Sumter Academy to anyone considering a school in the Sumter area.
Mags and Chief Dearduff
Past Parents

There is no better feeling than arriving at Shaw AFB (knowing nothing about the schools in the district), and experiencing the warmth and acceptances Thomas Sumter Academy gave us when walked through the front door. Words can’t describe knowing that your child will be taken care of by any faculty member while at school. This extended family has gone above their call as teachers and administrators and has accepted both of our children as their own. When you walk through the halls, you are greeted by name and a smile. You see children smiling everywhere. Thomas Sumter is a school that gives children what they need to succeed. They ensure each child develops a spiritual well-being, self- respect, confidence, respect for others, good sportsmanship, integrity, and leadership. They have been there for us when decisions needed to be made that would impact our children’s future, when our children got hurt playing sports, and called us daily when one of our children got really sick. Through dynamic programs in athletics, music, arts, and drama,they have created an atmosphere in which children develop a sense of belonging.
Scott and Deborah MacQueen

I was just looking at my TSA year book a couple of weeks ago and thinking about how much I enjoyed my only year at TSA and how almost 25 years later the memories of my short time there are so vivid. Becky and I are looking at several areas to move to and settle down once our son starts school and I have seriously thought about moving near TSA just so my kids can attend it. I have been getting the newsletters for years and it seems like it still has the close knit, welcoming, family environment that stresses education, self worth and God.
Jaime Garza
Class of 1983

Thomas Sumter has been such a large part of my life! From my experiences as a student with the TSA classics like Mrs. DeBerry, Mrs. DuBose, Mrs. Dennis, Mr. Owens, Mrs. James and so many others, to my adult interaction as Finance Director and Board Member, Thomas Sumter has shaped my life in so many different ways! I still count so many of my high school friends as best friends for life and I am so very thankful to Thomas Sumter for providing the ingredients that led to these lifelong friendships and to the development of a sense of self that allows me to stand in today's world with confidence in who I am. Because I was allowed to develop in a culture that valued self-discipline and hard work and a devoted Christian faith, when the winds of the world whip around me, I can stand steady in faith - in who I am - in who my Father is - in the blessing of strong, lifetime friends who lift me up. I cannot imagine my life without my Thomas Sumter experiences!
Elizabeth Rhodes
Class of 1972

TSA- what a great place to be! A second home – yes - where each child is allowed to be an individual to develop to his/her fullest potential. The “perfect school”- no - there is no perfect school. A little piece of heaven - yes! Like all things, you get out what you put in. I’ve “put in” a lot of years as a parent and teacher, and for me, it’s the greatest!
Betsy Josey
Alumni Parent, Former Teacher

After retiring with thirty years in the classroom, I had not considered returning full-time until I moved to Sumter and learned first-hand about Thomas Sumter Academy. I was familiar with the Academy because three of my grandchildren have been here for most of their school careers. It did not take long for me to realize that I really wanted to be a part of this system. Returning to work full-time has been a joy because of the superiority of the educational programs, the professionalism of the faculty and staff, and the Christian family atmosphere which surrounds our students.
Betty Heacker
Former Teacher

TSA has a close family atmosphere with Christian values that you want your child to be a part of.
Guy Eckenroth
Middle School Science Teacher

Thomas Sumter Academy is a blend of honored tradition and modern technology surrounded by God’s presence. It doesn’t get any better than this!
Debbie Nix

TSA has always been a “second home” for most of us, and therefore, we expect that “homey” atmosphere to be with us. Being here as long as I have as a parent, teacher, and student, I still feel the “second home” and love it.
Joye Davis
Upper School Librarian
Class of 1968

Thomas Sumter has been such an important part of my life from the age of five and until now. I’m so thankful and blessed to be back on “The Hill” as a teacher and also to have my little girl, Porter, experience thesame opportunities that I was so blessed to have here. There have been wonderful changes that have taken place on “the Hill” over the years but the one thing that remains a constant is the love!
Tae Russell Laney
2nd Grade Teacher, Parent Class of 1996

I moved back to Sumter so that Jana Marie can have the same opportunities afforded by TSA that I experienced. The small classroom size and community environment are two factors that brought us back to Sumter. The TSA family played a major role in my development and I can only hope for such wonderful influences for Jana Marie.
Leigh McCormick Faircloth
Class of 1985, Current Parent

I’ve gained friendships and a better educational opportunity at TSA.
Stephen Amerson
Class of 2008

I love TSA because of the family atmosphere. It is very inviting and welcoming.
Brittani English
Class of 2009

I’ve been here all my life. It is all I know. I love it! It’s great!
Micah Stachelek
Class of 2011

The teachers help you when you have problems and try to understand you.
Lauren Motes
Class of 2012

Everyone is nice. It’s easy to make friends.
Mary Margaret Green
Class of 2014

I love my friends at Thomas Sumter. The teachers are nice.
Josey Reed
Class of 2018

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